Hi Torque 10.2Kg.cm Fast Speed 0.093sec Mini Digital Servo


Great news! You got a new option RC part for your 1/24th scale cars. Come around and have a look.

AGFRC A20CLM servo is fully CNC Alu servo case, it is a digital programmable servo with black and purple color, used high efficient coreles motor to make sure servo could out 10.2Kg-cm torque and 0.093sec speed at 8.4V. Metal bearings and gears provide a solid internal structure, and potentiometer angle sensor provide a stable working condition. Design in 12mm extremely narrow frames for easy installation and wide rang of application, so you could get it for car's steering, overdrive or dig. 

If you are looking for a great driving/flying servo that does not break the budget, then this A20CLM high toque servo would be highly recommended. With the fancy appearance and the impressed setting specs, it is a very economical micro servo for 1/24 Scale RC Monster Car, SCX10.3, SCX24, Airplane and 450 Class Helicopter Tail and Swashplate etc. 

Servo also wide use for other novelty items such as smart door lock, stir-fry machine and the big puppet etc., as long as it needs to drive a load or for steering purposes. If you have that applications, please do not hesitate to email us: sales@agfrc.com.

A20CLM Feature