Upgraded Gyro For Mini Scale RC Cars


Gyro are known to be great assistants to help us manage the direction, giving us a stable and controlled driving experience, which increasing much fun for drift driving. If you don't have an ideal choice yet, take a look at AGFRC GY04M upgraded version. 

AGFRC GY04M V3.5 Mini Gyro was designed in full CNC case, help them to keep cool in a long driving. Working in 4.8-8.4V, micro compact size and 4g light weight, it will not add extra burden to your devise. Adopt high precision and high performance imported chip, the reaction speed is more sensitive. Using 32BIT processor, data processing is more stable and fast. This gyro also has strong anti-jamming capability, to ensure your users have the smoothest possible experience.

Mainly function about the upgraded version:

EPA :Travel Setting

Reset: Travel Restore Default Setting

Gyro Direction: Forward / Reverse Gain Setting

Dual Gain Mode Set: Normal / AVCS

PWM Follow Mode Set

Compatible with Digital / Analog

Are you still being envious of others who can drift accurately with high speed and their cars always follow the route they want to take? This product can help you become the one to be admired. Also, we are able to customize the gyro according to your needs, so please contact us for more details if you have a need in this area.