1/12th RC Cars Small Size Mini Smart servo

We are happy to announced that our SA30BHM servo is in stock and open for order now. This SA30BHM is AGFRC brand new 25T brushless motor mini size smart servo with fully aluminum CNC case. Combined with more precise and robust titanium and steel gears chain, enhance the gears wear resistance while improving the servo impact resistance. Supported by these solid designs, servo is able to runs 0.060Sec speed and 11.50kg-cm torque at 8.4V. Features programmable function allow to change the servo basic parameter setting to make better personalized use. 

The highlight of this servo is the larger diameter size 25T output shaft, it is the same size as our standard servo, which can support to transfer the higher torque while providing stable and reliable structural back up.

There are two servo mode for selection: regular and winch servo mode. It is mainly to upgrade the servo firmware in our programming software to convert the mode, which requires an extra programming card(item name: AGF-SPV3).

Based on the above, if your machines or RC models comes with a very limit installment space, but need a powerful servo to work with it, then you should not missed it. For industrial applications, please send us what your load is and we will help to check if this servo is suitable. For RC model applications, you could place orders now after you checked the servo size is good as this product has received a lot of positive feedback from professionals before it is launched, they are highly recommend it for 1/12th pan car, but also ideal for other models like electric motorcycle, 1/16th on road off road cars and mini scale RC Heli. 

Servo can be adjusted according to the actual requirements, please feel free to contact us if you have any question.