AGFrc Brushless Superb Torque Programmable 12V Smart Servo Winch

AGFrc brand new 12V series smart servos already here. As 2s lipo cannot meet more and more hobbyists' requirements, they pursue higher speed and more power. So 3s servos is getting hot among remote control models.


As more and more people using LiFe battery instead of LiPo batteries for their models now, what the 12V servos we released compatible with 3s LiPo battery (Lithium Polymer Battery) instead of LiFe (Lithium Iron Battery). That means higher voltage can be supported to used in your Rock Crawler, Truck, Buggy etc.


The 3S servos(12V Smart Servo) we marked is for actual 3s Lipo battery, which operating voltage can up to 13V(e.g., 60KG/0.12Sec super torque at 12.6V for SA86BVMW). The details decides the whole. We adopt high precision CNC aluminum case with heat sink ribs, high intensity steel gears, 3 ball bearing, industry leading digital magnetic angle sensor, long lifespan brushless motor and high quality TYU connector. All this high configuration to allow our 12V Smart Servos be used in different environments.

12V Brushless Smart Servo

Why we called it 12V “Smart Servo”?

As most of original servos with single-function, and to give more experience to hobbyists, AGFrc released the 12V Series Smart Servo (SA75CVSW, SA81BVMW, SA86BVMW). This new 12V series smart servo is available to change the firmware to switch the servo function between Servo Winch and Regular Servo. In addition, it is allow to upgrade the firmware if we released some new and good function in the near future. (That is to say you just need to spend the cost of one servo and one USB programmer, then you can have two different functions for the servo.)

How about the feature?

1) High Voltage: 3s Lipo battery plug-in directly, 10-13V operating voltage. Of course it can work lower 10V. But the operating voltage should not lower than 5V, otherwise it cannot power on the servo;

2) Waterproof: Waterproof up to IP67 grade, It still can work even the water comes into the case; It can meet the requirements for wading like rainy day, humid environment etc.

3) Magnetic Encoder: No mechanical angle limit, higher precision for angle control. Operating angle up to 320 degree;

4) Super Torque: Full steel gears match with three ball bearings highly improved the durability and abrasion performance. The torque for coreless one can up to 45KG and brushless one more than 60KG.

5) Programmable: It can be programmed by AGFrc USB programmer, adjust the parameters like Torque, Speed, Dead Band, Direction etc. As required;