10mm Steel Gear Mini Wing Servo


A24CHR and A27CHR are the new members of the 10mm Mini wing servo series. It is the high performance mini digital wing servo in a CNC aluminium housing with 2S high voltage compatible. Ideal For Airplane, Glider, Drone, Jets, Float Plane application. 

These two servos are designed in a high-efficiency coreless exposed motor design, not only looks unique, but also can keep the smallest size of servo to fit more application. Under the close combination of the super strong gear and ultra reliable double ball bearings, servo works more smoothly and stable. It is also a programmable servo, you can adjust the parameter to the one you need.

A24CHR is the fast speed version, it can reach 0.080sec/60°at 8.4V, please check the follow spec:

Operating Speed & Stall Torque

@ 4.8V: 0.120sec/60° , 5.0 kg-cm (69 oz-in)

@ 6.0V: 0.105sec/60° , 6.2 kg-cm (86 oz-in) 

@ 7.4V: 0.090sec/60° , 7.0 kg-cm (97 oz-in)

@ 8.4V: 0.080sec/60° , 8.0 kg-cm (111 oz-in)

A27CHR is the high torque version, it can reach 10.2 kg-cm (141 oz-in) at 8.4V, please check the follow spec:

Operating Speed & Stall Torque: 

@ 4.8V: 0.160sec/60° , 6.5 kg-cm (90 oz-in) 

@ 6.0V: 0.130sec/60° , 7.5 kg-cm (104 oz-in)

@ 7.4V: 0.110sec/60°, 9.0 kg-cm (125 oz-in)

@ 8.4V: 0.100sec/60° , 10.2kg-cm (141oz-in)

If you are looking for this type of servo, then you should not miss this one. And if other types of products needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of professional engineers to help us, so we have the ability to set up the product you want. And please stay tuned, there's more fun to come.