2000uF Capacity 16V Non-polar Capacitor

CNP2000C Feature

We are pleased to announce that the new catalog of capacitor is now available, and if you are interested, you can buy on our platform as well as on the websites of our distributors.

This new product named CNP2000C, it is a high capacitance -2000uF, low internal resistance 3mΩ product. It made in CNC machining aluminum case for good heat dissipation, only 7mm thickness size and 10.4g light weight. The maximum voltage can up to 16V, which can high voltage batteries. It is safe and convenient for install and operation with non-polar feature. Each cord attaches to the battery positive / negative connection terminal on the ESC or receiver.

The role of this capacitors is generally to flatten or filter, a voltage runs too high will damage the ESC, receiver or servo, by using capacitors to flatten the wave can protect the equipment. It can be connected to ESC or receiver, for details of how to connect, click here please: https://agfrc.com/index.php?id=2696

If you are looking the other spec capacitor, please feel free to contact for the more info.

CNP2000C Dimension-1