More Powerful A06CLS V2 Arrived!

A06CLS V2 参数对比图2(1)

We have received a lot of requests from pilots to upgrade the A06CLS servo to a high voltage version so that they can use it on their aircraft. We upgraded it and send the samples for them for testing, they gave us with good feedback after tested. This give us great confidence, so the A06CLS V2 comes!

A06CLS V2, come with 8.4V high voltage compatible, programmable function for difference parameter setting, fully CNC cooling alloy shell with good heat dissipation, durable titanium gear and fast response coreless motor. 20T and 15T spline to meet more need for your application. Fully black, black and purple color is available to choose from according to your personal preference. And two difference connector: JST, JR. Please note which one you need when you place an order, so that we can send the right one to you. 

For the speed and torque, if you think the V1 version is enough, then the V2 version will impressed you. When the voltage at 8.4V, it can output 3.0kg-cm high torque and can reach 0.055sec fast speed in this small body. It can most use of mini z cars, 1/18, 1/24, 1/27, 1/28 Scale Cars, and small scale planes, aircafts and helicopter.

For the product accessory kit, it will include 3 different types of plastic servo arms, please note that it will not come with a metal servo arm.

If you have a Mini Z cars or the small scale planes are looking for a suitable servo, then you can have look of it. Any special application or requests, please feel free to contact us.

A06CLS V2 1200x1100(1)