1/5th Scale BLS Giant Servo - 78KG / 100KG / 125KG For Selection

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We are pleased to announce that our 1/5 scale servos are available now. In fact, our 1/5 scale servos has been released for some time. We have been waiting for feedback from the first batch of customers who purchased. At present, customers have reported to us that the performance of this servo is really great, so here we come.

Mainly features about these two 1/5 scale servos, check please:

* Japan Fanuc CNC Heat Sink Aluminum Case: The precision of this kind of shell is very high

* Extremely Strength Steel Gears / Super Reliable Five Ball Bearing

* Associated 15T Aluminum Double & Single Servo Horns, more convenient to use

* Magnetic Sensor Waterproof IP67, able to take a dip in water (water depth less than or equal to 1 meter) and keep on going

* Super Reliable and longer life brushless motor to provide the mass torque output

Operating Speed & Stall Torque

A280BHMW: 0.082Sec/60° & 78.0 kg-cm @8.4V

A280BHLW: 0.110Sec/60° & 100.0 kg-cm @8.4V

A280BVSW(3S/4S): 0.080Sec/60° & 125.0 kg-cm @16.0V

Thanks to the advantages mentioned above, these servos can adapt to and work well in many extreme environments. It is your ideal partner for 1/5 scale RC cars. 

Many of our customers couldn't believe that there was such a servo before they bought it. After they tried it, they were surprised. Believe you will be like them after you try. Just try and you will know how powerful it is.

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