Special Edition Colorful Servo

Have you ever experienced the joy of opening a blind box? The excitement of the unknown and the joy of getting your favorite one. Now you can enjoy this kind of fun by buying servos! AGFRC 2023 colorful specific servos are released, bringing you a new shopping and using feeling.

To celebrate the AGFRC shop's anniversary, we wanted to do something special, something that has never been done before, to give back to our customers for their continuous support. After much discussion it was decided to select a few hot products from our regular product list and to give their cases a special treatment to obtain the current products with different patterns.

Now we have follow 6 items available, A81BHMW, A280BHMW, A62BHL, A20CLS, A11CLS, A06CLS V2. You can shop according to the scale of your model. The parameters are identical to those of regular products, except for the special customization of the servo case. These special edition colorful servos will comes with a metal servo horn.

We hope that this product will make a difference to your experience, also wish you a life as colourful as this helm, full of unknowns but well worth looking forward to! If any questions please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!