Industry Application High Torque Position Feedback Servo

With the development of science and technology, people are increasingly inclined to choose small but powerful products to replace the previous thick and bulky devices. Servo, an essential parts for remote controlling models steering, has been discovered by more and more engineers due to their compact size and strong plasticity.

In order to keep up with the pace of rapid development and let servo could meet more steering applications, we now add the feedback servo to our category, and released the following 3 new products for choice: IB53BHU, IA73BHLW and IA81BHLW. The spec can refer to the right picture. The ODM services is available, you can provide us with your requirements, we will customize the servo suitable for your equipment.

The position feedback servo is not the same as our 3 wires regular servo. It is 4wires servo and it will have an extra 4th lines to allow us to monitor the servo shaft position in real-time, since the angle of the servo is different and the output voltage of the feedback line is also different, in this way, you always know exactly where it is. 

Thanks to this function, these kind of servo have been widely used in various fields except the common usage for control direction on radio control models, such as drones, robot joints, rotating cameras, medical devices and industry machines etc. and it is also a great choice for university professors and students who are interested in developing software for robot parts.

We are always learning and improving, and are always committed to providing quality products that keep pace with the times. If you have any doubts about this, please let us join your discussion and we will provide you with the most suitable solutions.


Feedback Servo Spec