AGFRC 2 Inch Aluminum Alloy Clamping Servo Horn HSS38
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For All Gas and Electric Planes

The weight take an important role in airplane, pilots are care about horn weight on their models, especially for the large scale airplanes. AGFRC HSS38 horn which is an 7075 aluminum alloy horn with 3mm taped holes at 1.5 inch(38.1mm), 1.75 inch(44.45mm) and 2inch(50.8mm), clamping style keeps splines more engaged and secure on the servo output, 25T spline with 6.1g super light weight for the popular size RC gas and electric planes. 


* High Precision CNC Machining

* Durable with Clamping Design

* Single Side Arm for Standard Usage

* Multiple Tapped Holes at 1.5'', 1.75'' and 2''

* M3 Standard Mount Screw 

* For All Gas and Electric Planes


Item Name: HSS38

Material: AL7075T6

Weight: 6.1g

Size: (L*W*H): 62.8*12*6.5mm

Diameter of Spline: 25T φ75.96

Centre Hole Distance: 38.1mm, 44.45mm and 50.8mm

Associated Screw M3*8mm x1; M2*8mm x1

HSS38 (25)