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250mm Twisted Type RC Lockable Servo Extension Lead
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RC Car, airplane, helicopter boat, drone, receiver etc.

Servo extension cable is very useful and helpful when the servo is far away from the controller. This lockable type connector also give you the confidence during operation. Totally green materials and high quality production, more flexible clear look and better anti-interference with twisted design. Ideal for RC Car, airplane, helicopter boat, drone servo connection or receiver connection. 4 popular length option : 75mm, 150mm, 250mm, 350mm. If you have custom requirements, pls let us know.


RC Lockable Servo Extension Cord Cable

Reliable Anti Loosening Lock

Anti-interference Twisted Type


Item Name: TE250

Weight: 5.8g

Length: 250mm / 9.84 inches 22AWG

JR Male to Female

AGFRC 75MM 150MM 250MM 350MM RC Servo Extension Cord Cable Wire 150mm Lead JR Wholesale