RTF04EC 4CH+S.BUS2 8.4V High Voltage Vertical Type 2.4G T-FHSS Wireless Car Receiver
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RC Car, Rock Crawler, Truck

If you are a big fan of our products, you should know about our ARX-482R receiver. It has been well received since its launch. This new one is in the same shape but it is the Futaba compatible version. The RTF04EC affordable FUTABA T-FHSS compatiable receiver is made in T-Shape, built-in antenna and full Channel 4CH+S.BUS2. It is available to connect to 1-2S LiPo. Bidirectional communication makes it easy to bind by automatically locking into the correct transmitter and save the record. It is suitable for all types of RC cars. 


Operating Voltage: 3.5V~8.4V

Dimension: 23.6x18.4x28.4mm

Weight: 7.3g

No.Of Channels: 4CH+S.BUS2

PWM Mode: Normal/ High Speed


Compatible with FUTABA T-FHSS remote control system.

Suitable for the transmitter FUTABA 10PX, 7PXR, 7PX, 7XC, 4PM, 4PV, 4PLS, 4GRS, 3PVetc.


1) Bidirectional communication system, monitor the receiver voltage by transmitter in real time;

2) Compatible stabilizing voltage , operating voltage can up to 1-2S LiPo, sudden low voltage won't be out of control;

3) High sensitivity built-in antenna, full channel 4CH+S.BUS2, suitable for all types of remote control cars, simulation rock crawlers;

4) T-Shape design, compact size to save more space for RC cars. 

Bind Procedure

The operation mode of this receiver is bidirectional communication, each transmitter only can bind with one transmitter at one time.

Once binding is successful, the receiver will save the record automatically. If need to change to use with the new transmitter, it need to bind again with the new device.

1) Keep the transmitter and receiver within 0.5 meter;

2) Turn on the transmitter, get to the SYSTEM menu and select BIND;

3) Power on the receiver, and long press the BIND button for 2 seconds to enter the code matching status, the red LED will flash, then turn green, binding is succeeded;

4) Exit the binding mode at this moment, restart the power supply of the transmitter,the LED light is solid gree, that means binding is successful. Otherwise, please repeat the above procedure if binding is failed.


You can download the User manual from: https://agfv2.resfine.com/index.php?id=DOWNLOAD&cate=manual

RTF04EC User Manual-EN