GY01 V3 Aluminum Case Dual Gain Drift Tuned Rated Gyro for RC Cars Boats
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GY01 V3
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RC Car, Truck, On Road, Drift Car, ect. RC Boat

AGFRC GY01-V3 drifting steering gyro is a super high performance steering gyro that supports a wide range of needs and is perfect for all levels hobbyists from beginners to high-level competitors. With newly developed circuitry, this gyro offers 2 selectable modes, features EPA setting and supports to use with latest Futaba SBUS2 protocol. This helps to eliminate any undesired steering shake from gyro operation, helping to detect excessive movement and reducing the chance of unsettling the chassis.


* CNC aluminum alloy for high efficiency cooling and well-protection

* Reliable and high-performance gyroscope sensor

* Simple and quick installation with compact size

* High voltage 2s Lipo capable

* Easy adjustment with dual gain modes

* EPA feature for matching different scale car models

* Compatible with latest Futaba SBUS2 protocol

* Perfect for RC Competition Drifting Cars and Boats


◆ Shell Material: AL6061

◆ Weight: 10g

◆ Dimension: 25.7*24.7*9.5mm

◆ Operating Voltage: 3.7 ~ 8.4V

◆ Current Grain: 20mA/6V

◆ Operating Temperature: -10℃~ +50℃

◆ Input Signal: PWM(50-333Hz)/ SANWA SHR; SSR / FUTABA S.BUS2

◆ Output Signal: 1520uS(50Hz/333Hz)/ SANWA SSR

◆ Control System: PID Control System

◆ Dual Mode Gain: Normal / AVCS Mode



LED Status

Limit Gain

Instruction of Function Switch

* EPA (Travel Setting)

Press the “MOD” switch to power on, yellow LED blinks slowly. Entering to the servo travel setting, rotate the remote control steering wheel to make servo stop at the desired position (turn left / turn right). Short press “MOD” switch, yellow LED blinks 2 times quickly, red LED blinks slowly, and green LED become solid, it means current travel has been saved. Then rotate the remote control steering wheel to make the servo stop at the other desired position, short press the switch, yellow LED blinks 2 times quickly, and then the yellow LED turns on, it means current travel has been saved as well. 2 seconds later, the gyro will automatically enter into initialization mode, once completed, gyro is ready for use.

* Reset ( Travel Restore Default Setting)

Press the “MOD” switch to power on and enter into the travel setting mode. After pressing and holding the switch for 3 seconds, the yellow LED starts to blinks alternately. Restore to default after 2 seconds. Then it will enter into initialization mode, once initialization is completed, the gyro is ready for use.

* Gyro Direction (Forward and Reverse Gain Setting)

In normal working status, press and hold the MOD switch for 4 seconds, yellow LED blinks slowly 3 times, then switch the gain forward or reverse.

* Dual Gain Mode Setting ( Normal / AVCS Mode)

In normal working conditions, fast press the “MOD” switch 2 times, yellow LED  is on lasting for 3 seconds, then switch the mode to Normal or AVCS . Normal side: Green LED, AVCS side: Red LED

Receiver Connection (Input Signal Mode)

* PWM(50-333Hz)

Suitable for most of remote control systems, while plug in the gain wire, it can adjust the sensitivity by transmitter (as pic 1); While do not plug in the gain wire, the gyro's potentiometer can be used for gain adjustment (as pic 2). 


Suitable for FUTABA latest S.BUS2 and S.BUS remote control system. When S.BUS2 signal input is used, default CH3 channel for sensitivity adjustment, and the gyro gain wire is not used.


Suitable for SANWA remote control system. When using SSR /SHR signal input, the output signal is automatically adapted to SSR /SHR signal.

Note: The SANWA SSR signal is only applicable to SSR servos. It may cause permanent damage if using regular servos.