40kg / 36kg Powerful Brushless Servo For RC Aircraft


We are pleased to announce the launch of two new products-A80BHSF & A80BHMF. These two servos are designed for the RC Aircraft, it have powerful torque and speed, sturdily inter structure and special outer design make it stand out. So let is have quick look of this.

Inter structure

Programmable Function-- Support to adjust the servo parameters, soft start, inversion and etc., so that it can better meet our own needs

Brushless Motor--Greatly increased servo torque, reliability and lower maintenance requirements

Steel + Titanium Gear--their stiffness is very similar, but the use of titanium gear can greatly reduce the servo’s weight

Metal Three Ball Bearings--solid metal material so that it can better handle servo higher loads and movements

Travel Angle--it have 180°operating travel angle and 220°mechanical angle

Potentiometer Angle Sensor--able to have a more stable field in flight

Outer design

25T Spline Output Shaft--Suitable for most applications

Fully CNC Heat Sink Case--Not only does it look textured, it also keeps servo in a low temps while running

Neat 3PIN Cable--The use of wear-resistant wire to resist the wear and tear caused by daily use, easy to fold and convenient storage

Difference between these two servos

The mainly difference of these two is the Stall Torque & Operating Speed, please see follow

A80BHSF: 36 kg-cm (500 oz-in) & 0.071 sec/60°at 8.4V

A80BHMF: 40 kg-cm (556 oz-in) & 0.085 sec/60° at 8.4V

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That is all today, thank you for reading. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this. See you next time.