4S 16.8V Monster Budget Servo

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We are please to inform you that we have just marketed our newly 4S product A75BUMW and A53BULW. It is a 4S affordable servos designed for people with limited budgets who pursue high quality and a strong sense of experience.

A75BUMW is the large size type with 41.50mm height, which can reach 62KG torque and 0.092Sec speed at 16.8V, it feature with 2MM reinforced PIN shaft, steel gears and double ball bearings. It is more suitable for 1/8 scale cars as it is more crash resistant, and other large size helicopter application. 

A53BUMW is the low profile type, more flexible for installment as the short body and it feature with 1.6MM PIN shaft. It is more suitable for 1/10 or 1/12 scale application who asked 34 kg-cm torque and 0.080sec speed. 

The biggest feature of these two products is that they can withstand a high voltage of 16.8V, so there is no need to worry about the servo damage due to excessive current. All this power is harnessed by the cooperation of the brushless motor, steel gears and double ball bearings. The programmable function has been added so that you can adjust parameters base on your requirements, providing more possibilities to achieve more needs.

Both of these are magnetic sensor waterproof IP67 servos, so don't worry about the environment giving you trouble. Please note that although they are waterproof servos, for the long-term use, when the servos are in water, the water inside the servos should be cleaned up ASAP after use, otherwise it will cause potential damages for the future use. 

In conclusion, these are two great value for money products, even the servo wire is the use of wear-resistant material. These are definitely the best choice for quality and experience in this price range who asked for a 4S servo. Grab one now base on your application and see if it is like that. More inquiry please write to us.

A75A53 4S  参数对比图2 (2)

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